Offsite Bar for Parties, Weddings and More

Spirits & Wine offers a great opportunity to rent an off-site bar for parties, banquets, and other events! We will take care of guest service!


Spirits & Wine offsite bar can be one of the greatest detail of your birthday party, graduation parties, VIP events, as well as weddings and private parties. 

The bar can be set up in the place of your choosing where the celebration will take place: on the coast of the sea, side of the flower field, or even on a floating terrace. We will take care of setting up the bar as well as collecting it. 

We offer bartenders with more than 20 years of experience who will professionally make your favorite drinks, so you could enjoy your event, relax and have a fantastic time.

The offsite bar includes a complete set:

  • Bartenders;
  • Preparing the bar for the event;
  • All bar accessories: coolers, bar tools, ice, napkins, glasses, fruit, snacks, etc.;
  • Duration of service at your choice;
  • Selection of any alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails;
  • Setting and collecting bar after the event.

For each customer, we will set a special price offer with the recommended amount of drinks, depending on the number of people, the format of the event, the duration, and your preferred budget.


Contact information

Call: +371 254 47 882


Write an e-mail: [email protected]



  • Can I get additional discounts?

Yes, additional discounts are possible. They depend on the size of your event and the number of drinks you need.

  • Can I order an item that you don't have in the assortment?

Yes, you can. You can send a list of the products you want, and our service professional will try to make this product available by contacting our partners.

  • Could you suggest how much alcohol is needed for corporate events?

Yes. Our services professional will advise you on the number of alcoholic beverages, depending on the number of people, the concept of the event, duration, and your budget.