Corporate customer service

Spirits & Wine provides various services to ensure successful corporate events. We offer delivery of alcoholic beverages, an off-site bar and more.


Each self-respecting company wants to create successful corporate events because apart from work, we also want to spend time together with our colleagues, partners, clients outside the job: whether it would be sports games, corporate events, reconciliation events, etc.

Drinks are undeniably an important part of these events. When you choose suitable drinks, you will not only pleasantly surprise your colleagues, but you will also be highly valued.

Spirits & Wine will draw up a drink menu for your celebration from the widest variety of drinks available in Latvia, according to your wants: 

  • Together we will collaborate to determine the best drinks for your event. 
  • Offer best prices and discounts based on the number of people and amount needed. 
  • Ensure delivery all around Latvia.

*Free delivery in Riga and around Riga for orders over 50 EUR.


Contact information

Call: +371 254 47 882


Write an e-mail: [email protected]



  • Can I get additional discounts?

Yes, additional discounts are possible. They depend on the size of your event and the number of drinks you need.

  • Is it possible to receive a prepayment invoice?

Yes. Our specialist will draw it for you.

  • Is it possible to enter into a cooperation agreement and receive products for post-payment?

Yes, it is possible. Each case shall be assessed on an individual basis.

  • Can I order an item that you don't have in the assortment?

Yes, you can. You can send a list of the products you want, and our service professional will try to make this product available by contacting our partners.

  • Do you have any gift kits that could be sent to customers/colleagues?

Yes, we have. Our assortment of gift sets are available according to the upcoming celebrations such as Valentine's Day, Christmas or Midsummer festival. An exclusive drink, too, can be presented as a great gift.

  • Could you suggest how much alcohol is needed for corporate events?

Yes. Our services professional will advise you on the number of alcoholic beverages, depending on the number of people, the concept of the event, duration, and your budget.