We look forward to providing your shops, cafes, restaurants with high quality alcohol products.

Specialized alcohol supermarket Riga Spirits & Wine Outlet offers to buy goods at wholesale. RSWO deals with official distributors and our assortment offers you to choose from about 1,200 positions of alcohol beverages. To but at wholesale it is necessary to sign a contract, which requires the following information:

  • Company details - a bank, address, etc.
  • Company registration and VAT certificate.
  • Liquor license and attachments (shops).
  • A document attesting to sign papers (eg statutes).
  • Contact information of the person who's responsible for ordering (e-mail, phone).

The required information can be transferred to our store personnel or sent electronically by e-mail:


  • Sending e-mail with a list of items to e-mail:
  • Calling on the phone +371 27854450 and name selected items.

After order RSWO checks product availability and if the products is not available at the time requested, we contact with customers.

If the customer wants to pay in advance by bank transfer, RSWO sends a bill.

Products receipt and delivery

If the customer has prepaid contract, payment must be made through internet bank or with a company's credit card before receiving products.

Ordered product can be received at our shop in Riga, Andrejosta (Cash & Carry).

In moment of receiving purchased products client signs and receives invoice with a list of products and excise serial numbers.

Questions about wholesaling:


Wholesale manager,

Raitis Eglitis 
Mob: +371 27854450